The marketing strategy must answer the following questions, it involves the company in the medium term.
It is the determination and implementation of the means to achieve the objectives defined at the level of the strategy. It is a set of coherent and coordinated actions to market the product by adapting to short-term developments in this market.
Our expertise in marketing strategy allows us to support you to allow you to anticipate your market, the needs of your customers and to build with you sustainable solutions adapted to your budgets.
We can also assist you in the choice and management of your service providers (printer, graphic designer communication agency, SEO consultant, etc.)


The strategic approach consists of starting from an internal and external diagnosis to set medium and long term objectives for the company and to define the means of achieving them.
Strategic management ensures consistency between the strategy and the organization of the company.
Developing your business strategy means anticipating and planning for the future and thus securing your business. Defining a strategy requires having a vision of your company, its market and its economic and social environment. Developing a strategy will have a strong impact on the organization of your business, your marketing, your human resources and your daily practice. Our experts are there to help you as well to define with you the strategy of your business, as to support you in its implementation.



Managing your business becomes an increasingly difficult and complex exercise, given the changing environment in which your business is changing (new laws, new standards, tightening of your market, increasingly fierce competition, changes in consumer behavior, etc.) .
To cope with this unstable environment, it is essential to set up an efficient organization and management tools that allow you on the one hand to secure your activity and increase its resilience, to permanently optimize your profitability and on the other hand to envisage the future and the development of your company with ambition and serenity.

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A company or an organization without vision slows down its performance. Hence the importance of giving a direction to its structure to grow, develop or simply balance its activities. Defining an ambition in the medium term is essential. Becoming a market leader, offering new services, increasing or consolidating its client or beneficiary base, we help you transform your intentions into results.


The path to the future often comes from a restyling which aims to characterize a structure in order to position itself strongly on the market.
It is necessary that the new image presents a strong dynamism and a great flexibility.
It is necessary that the goal of the work is to sew a tailor-made project to strengthen the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.


Creating a franchise, concession or brand license distribution network can help you achieve your goals. Doublemme provides you with dedicated skills to assess the feasibility of your network development, choose the right legal framework and formalize your know-how.


Managing a project is one thing, managing a portfolio made up of a multitude of projects is another. To give greater visibility to your activities, we list all your projects by categorizing them according to your objectives: improvement of internal operations, strengthening of strategic development, compliance, etc. This tool also makes it possible to maintain a repository, assess the creation of value and capitalize on experience and practice.


The environment of a business or structure is constantly changing. The same goes for its objectives and strategy. For these changes to take effect, we help you adapt your organization and structure your teams so that you have the right skills in the right place. Most importantly, we encourage dialogue between your different resources to allow you to better respond to your challenges.


Making your business more efficient also requires that each member of your team knows precisely what they should do, how they should do it, and what the business goals and the means they will have to achieve their goals will be.
 To help you define the commercial strategy of your company and thus increase your turnover, you can benefit from the fresh and objective look of our consultants.